First Edition

1% Better Medallion

1% better every day ★ everything great starts small ★ Festina Lente

Tiny steps add up

If you're not who you want to be today, here's the fix: dream big, step small.

– 1% better every day.
– Action conquers fear.
– Small today beats big never.

– Stack micro wins.

– Outwork your self doubt.
– Prove your new identity to yourself.

Just start, then keep going.

The 2 seconds between best day ever and bleeding out, almost dying and learning to walk again taught me this. Maybe you won't have to learn it the hard way.


Festina lente.

craftmade details
  • Proudly presenting the First Edition "1% Better" medallion featuring themes & lore representing the eventuality of micro becoming mighty given relentless focus, resilience & time.

  • Designed & delivered with ❤️ from the heroes in training at Forged HQ in Music City USA.

  • Fastidiously researched & translated by our team's Latin professor, Festina Lente, or "more speed, less haste", imbues intention to each passing sand of time.

  • 2.8mm of die pressed solid zinc alloy in your pocket is a powerful feeling – harness it to turn dreaming into doing today.

  • Running tired fingers over the peaks and valleys of the 3D embossed design elements while reliving life's magical moments is a daily ritual one simply never tires of. 

  • Finely finished in antique copper, its timeless beauty & simple elegance goes with everything – especially hard work.

  • At 1.75" diameter, it's just big enough to never forget while somehow just small enough for every pocket. No limits, no excuses.

  • Weighing in at a delightfully hefty 1.1 oz, it's a burden you'll love carrying everywhere.

  • Features a basic, flat, boring coin edge. Because, basically, doing the work is flat boring.

  • Comes ensconced in a 5"x5.5" Vintage Deluxe drawstring canvas treasure pouch, logo embroidered in stunning silver thread, right sized to hold all the little things that matter most.

  • A personalized welcome note with motivational message guaranteed to spark joy upon unveiling, hand typed on a 1946 Smith Corona Speedline Silent typewriter, serial #2A51046. 

  • Oh yeah - it flips like a boss & you'll be the king of every coin toss. 'Nuff said.

custom shop options & upgrades
  • Beauty in imperfection (wabi sabi) – if you're the "patina beats perfect" type who wants that old & worn in look from day 1, Forged Custom Shop is offering a very limited number of hand aged & antiqued medallions. Each is unique, special, set apart, one of one – just like you. Get one before they're gone.

  • Give the gift that sparks joy forever – memories. Gift purchases come with a hand typed gift message each lucky recipient will never forget.

  • Large round-bottom treasure pouch, that kind of leather you can't stop touching, smells like adventure, drawstring to keep the valuables where they belong until the big reveal.

  • Exquisite natural leather journal with replaceable 3.5"x5.5" field notebooks, pocket sized, never more than an idea away from changing everything.

  • Select a second piece from any of the medallions, pendants, leathers or other motivational merch in our Everyday Essentials collection & get free shipping anywhere in the USA.

  • Bonus perks & special offers from Craftmade Collective – exclusive limited edition artisinal goods by master makers – to spark more magical moments. For members only.


Sometimes more actually is more


$79 $29


Better habits, better life. Get everything you need to succeed plus more – exclusive First Edition coin holders get lifetime perks that are gone forever when that First Edition coin sells out.

  • Save 60% until they're sold out

  • Exclusive First Edition lifetime perks

  • First Edition "1% Better" Coin

  • Vintage Deluxe Treasure Pouch

  • Personalized Welcome Note

  • Benefits Charities & Causes




EDC = every day carry challenge. Every time you feel that smooth metal at the bottom of your pocket, remember – change takes work.

Do The Work.


From fire, strength

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